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Why Station Express?

Catch the express train to your new apartment. $1,195 Broker Fee*

For $1,195, your Station Cities agent screens 15-25 apartments based on your specifications and confirms showings for 10 to 15 options over two days that best fit what you are looking for (and are actually available). No bait and switch. And no wasted time. Let's find your new apartment!


Station Express works in 3 easy steps:Station Express How it Works

  1. After purchasing Station Express, you'll speak with your agent to let them know your budget and exactly what you're looking for in an apartment
  2. Your agent sources and contacts available properties and schedules viewings
  3. Spend two days with your agent visiting the properties they've found for you

Let Station Express handle the details, like coordinating with landlords and their brokers. You focus on what matters for your move. We'll get back to you with an itinerary and meet you at the first stop.

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*The Station Express fee for two days of showings is $1,195. 'Two days' is defined as the amount of time it takes to show no less than 10 apartments and no more than 15 apartments in two days. If the landlord's broker is charging a broker's fee (typically 7.5% of annual lease value), you will be responsible for paying that fee directly to the landlord's broker. Our fee to represent you is $1,195. Station Cities is entitled to retain any incentives that the landlord is paying directly to Station Cities or one of our agents.


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